Supersize Family Kitchens

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So you’re cooking for a crowd….


How about 3 pounds of Best Barbeque Chicken, on 3 dozen Make-Ahead Dinner Rolls? Add 2 pounds of Sweet Herbed Carrots to make it a meal. For dessert, try 15 servings of Layered Éclair Dessert. Wash it all down with 1 gallon of Mock Mint Julep—it’s alcohol-free, so even the kids can join in!


The Supersize Family’s Guide to the Kitchen is your comprehensive source for big-batch cooking. With over 110 recipes guaranteed to serve at least 10 people, this is sure to become your new favorite cookbook.


Try Barbequed Chicken Burritos, Cheesy Chicken Veggie Mac, Crazy Easy Cheesecake, Pineapple Salsa, Fudge Bottom Cake, Southwestern Salad, or Old-Fashioned Lemonade… they’re all guaranteed to please your family, friends, special guests, and even picky children.


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This book will soon be available at local Southern Missouri/Northern Arkansas hometown bookstores and markets. If you own a business and would be interested in stocking the cookbook, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you distribution information.